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About the Artist


Florida resident since early 1980's and a standing member of the National Sculpture Society. Self-taught artist with Bachelor of Science Degree with a focus on history, Studio Art and English Composition. As a Vietnam Era Army Veteran, she was chosen to design the new Monument to Women Veterans in Pensacola, Florida. She designed and completed a veterans memorial sculpture for the historic Milton Cemetery, which is a resting place for veterans dating back to the American Revolution, as well as a veterans memorial sculpture titled Soaring Eagle at the historic Crain Cemetery in North Milton, dating back to the Civil War. She achieved notoriety as an award winning wildlife sculptor and painter while trekking through the bushlands of Africa and the jungles of Central America. During which time, she also wrote and illustrated The Book Of Zebra, published by a childrens' educational publishing house in Nova Scotia. Nearly three years ago, she decided to have a little fun with her sculpture work. A big fan of the Halloween season, she has always hosted a large halloween bash and decorated the family 26 acre property to the max for the trick or treaters. Many of the characters and props she was able to buy were often lacking in both quality and realisim, so it was time to become a character artist! She has been studying the methods and mediums and madness ever since. What you will find on this site is a compilation of three years work including the mobile haunt town, Creeptown USA where all of her creations live. ENJOY AND THANKS FOR VISITING!


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